Twin WWII Veteran's Making Next Honor Flight

Two twin World War II veterans packed their bags and are on their way to the nation's capital Wednesday morning.

Clyde and Donald McMasters are making the next "Honor Flight" from Oklahoma to see the World War Two Memorial. The twins departed from Tulsa International Airport just before 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Channel 8's Yvonne Lewis spoke with the 90-year-old brothers and they told her they are nowhere close to slowing down.

Honor Flights is a program that sends World War II Veterans to see the memorial in their honor in Washington D.C. And it was Don who heard about the Honor Flights program and told his brother.

"It just so happened that things worked out so well for us we're just thrilled to death that we can go," Don said.

The twins joined the U.S. Navy during WWII.

"Our mission was air sea rescue and we were anti sub marine patrol to protect the Panama Canal," Clyde said.

Though they were never called to active duty following extensive training. They were always ready.

A send off for the veterans was held at the Spirit Bank Event Center{}in Bixby Tuesday evening.