Twitter Lawsuit Is A Safety Reminder For Parents

Parents, do you know what your children are tweeting or posting to Facebook? Tulsa police say you should.

One mom has filed a lawsuit against Tulsa Public Schools, claiming students harassed her daughter with a picture on Twitter.

The mom, who we are not naming to protect her child's identity, says basketball teammates held her daughter down and took a picture which was reportedly sent out on the Twitter network.

According to the lawsuit, it stayed on Twitter for several weeks resulting in alleged harassment and bullying.

We sat down and spoke to Sergeant Malcom Williams, who heads up the Cyber Crimes Unit for the Tulsa Police Department. He says cyber bullying is a real issue in America today.

Tulsa Public Schools has been named in this lawsuit, along with Twitter and two other families. The district would not comment. But a spokesperson pointed us to their policy, that bullying or harassment with electronic communication--is not allowed.

In fact in some cases harassment on Twitter or Facebook--could be a violation of the Oklahoma Cyber Crimes Act. Contacting the media involved may be the first step to resolving a problem with a post online.

"Facebook has been good about getting it down pretty quick Even with Craigslist, things have been posted with intent to harass someone, has been very good about taking those pages down," said Sgt. Williams.

Cyber experts say it's important for victims to tell someone to stop the harassment. In this case, the mother says nothing was done by anyone accused in the lawsuit.