A Six-Year-Old Dies, After Falling In Icy Pond

A six-year-old is dead, after being pulled out of icy creek water near 7300 S. Victor, Saturday afternoon.

Firefighters say they received the call for help just before 2 p.m. Once they arrived, a 12-year-old had managed to escape the freezing ice, but the six-year-old boy was submerged {}under the ice.

The Tulsa Fire Department's rescue team showed up in special gear to search for the boy in Joe Creek, located behind an apartment complex.

Six responders were wearing cold water rescue gear went out into the water to break up the ice that had formed on top of the creek. After several minutes of using their feet and pike poles, they were able to locate the boy. {}He was brought to land, wearing only a long sleeved shirt and khaki pants.

Firefighters said the boy was unconscious as they took him to a waiting ambulance.

EMSA paramedics say they immediately began warming techniques. They believe the boy could have been under the ice for as many as 30 minutes.

The firefighters received rehabilitation and none of them were hurt on the rough terrain they traveled to get to the creek.{}

The twelve-year-old appeared to be fine, but was taken to St. Francis along with the younger child. The six-year-old received advance life saving care from the scene to the hospital, but passed away after many efforts. {}

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