Two Arrested For Abuse of 6-Month-Old

terraisia Barnes

Two were arrested after the guardian of a 6-month-old child discovered burns and bruises, April 16.

21-year-old Anthonie Cotton and 18-year-old Terraisia Barnes were arrested for felony complaints of child abuse.

According to the booking report, a 6-month-old child was transported to the Shriner's Hospital for emergency treatment following seizures. The victim had extensive burns on the lower half of his body. The victim's genitalia was burned and there were bruises on the victim's legs.

Investigators found photos of the injuries that Barnes had sent to her mother. Barnes' mother told her to take the victim to the doctor immediately. Instead, Barnes and Cotton dressed the victim before returning the child to the guardian's home hours later.

Cotton refused to go to the hospital to provide any explanation for the burns.

Both are being held for child abuse and their bail is set at 50,000 dollars each.

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