Two Art Festivals With Different Goals in Downtown Tulsa

Both Mayfest and the Blue Dome Arts Festival are on display this weekend. The Blue Dome boasts a spread of entirely local, Oklahoma artists and Mayfest is showcasing top work from all over the country.

"We looked at it when we first started doing festivals, but it's way too expensive," said Shona Orr with Henna Chick. "There's way to much paperwork, and it's just not really the place we want to be," she said regarding their choice to set up a booth for their body art business at the Blue Dome Arts Festival.

About 260 local artists' work is on display at Blue Dome, with 30 performance artists.

"It's all about the Tulsa community," said Michael Sager with Blue Dome. "I mean, I'm the first one to say go to Mayfest, come to Blue Dome. Decide where you want to be."

Sager said a few artists withdrew themselves from Blue Dome when a spot become available for them at Mayfest.

Mayfest artists are chosen by judges who evaluate the work, not knowing the artist or where he or she is from. 120 of them make the cut to display their work on Main Street. A booth space is $350. There are also four indoor galleries composed entirely of local artists' work of all ages.

"I would encourage people to come to Blue Dome and to Mayfest, because they both have great things to offer, and you're already down here, and they're both free, so why wouldn't you go to both?" said Mayfest representative Heather Pingrey.

Many artists at both festivals told Channel 8 they are in favor of both locations because it means more art for Tulsa.