Two Jailed After Bizarre Incidents at N. Tulsa Park

Devion Grant

Two people are behind bars on a laundry list of charges after a series of bizarre incidents at a North Tulsa park early Thursday morning.

It began when the Tulsa Co. Sheriff's Office received a call to investigate someone chasing a person with a knife at O'Brien Park on 6149 N. Lewis Ave just after 1 a.m.

When deputies arrived, they began looking for three suspects and found them dumping a bicycle and running into tthe woods.

Deputies were able to find one suspect, Devion Grant, and as they were arresting her, another suspect, Cody Wofford, came out to demand why they were arresting his girlfriend.

According to a booking report, Wofford was handcuffed and put into the back of a patrol car, then said, "You are not going to take my girlfriend to jail unless you take me too."

Deputies said Wofford became very loud and aggressive, kicking and head-butting deputies, so they put on leg restraints and called for a car with a cage.

As they waited for one, Wofford reportedly threatened the arresting officers, saying "I am a Crip, I am called Peckerwood."

The booking report states Wofford head-butted and kicked the back of the cage the entire time he was being transported to the jail.

The third suspect, described as an Indian male, was not located.

The incidents apparently began when a victim went looking for his 14-year-old sister and found her at O'Brien smoking weed with an Indian male and a black female. He told deputies he picked up his phone to call police and was chased by the woman with a knife.

Wofford, 21, was booked on the following charges: two counts of assault on a police officer, obstruction of an officer, resisting arrest, threatening a violent act, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Grant, 18, faces a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.