Two New Businesses Coming to Downtown Broken Arrow

To add to Broken Arrow's Rose District recent additions, today B.A. authorities announced two new businesses are coming to the area.

Those businesses are Pinot's Palette and the Rooftop.

Pinot's Palette will be located adjacent to In the Raw and the Rooftop, a rooftop restaurant and lounge, will be located on the In the Raw roof.

Wes Smithwick, the CEO of the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation, said that Broken Arrow is trying to create a unique environment in downtown B.A.

"We haven't tried to recreate what anyone else has," Smithwick said. "We've tried to create something unique that makes people from the Metro area want to come here."

Improvements to the area include a $3.7 million streetscaping project along with new restaurants, retailers, booksellers and improvements to sidewalks, benches and landscaping.

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