Two Reports Claim Knight Is The Guy; Stoops Denies Reports

There are two reports out of Oklahoma City that site sources that say redshirt freshman Trevor Knight will be named Oklahoma's starting quarterback over junior Blake Bell.

Tuesday after practice OU head coach Bob Stoops denied the reports that he's named a starter. "No, I haven't. Who reported that?" Stoops asked. He was then asked if the reports were true. "Of course it isn't true." Stoops replied.

He then got a little testy when he was asked when his timetable was to name a quarterback. "Really? Next Question. You haven't been around apparently."

Monday Coach Stoops said he wanted to see how the guys preformed over the next few practices.

The buzz around fall camp over the last week or so is that Trevor has looked better than Bell. He's been cleaner and made less mistakes.

After practice Monday Bob Stoops explained how each quarterback shares the reps.

"We rotate who's going with the ones and going with the twos." Bob Stoops said, "The reps are fairly equal, so it's fairly easy to see for the coaches, some times, who's elevating what group more and that's what you're continuing to try to look at."

All indications point to an announcement being made later this week. A couple of sources say it could come as early as tomorrow.

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