Two Teenagers Make Daring Rescue

This time of year Honor Heights park turns into the Garden of Lights. But it was light emanating from a hill that will stay with Christian Vance and Craig Potts forever.

The evening began at the Golden Coral off the Shawnee Bypass. It's where the steak and shrimp special are crowd pleasers.

A few miles away another favorite that draws 300-thousand people to Muskogee each Christmas. More than a million bright lights one of them the brightest from a 2003 Lincoln.

"We just like looked up," says Craig.

"A car rolling down the hill on fire," adds Christian.

It was a rolling inferno losing fuel.

"This little girl jumped out and she was screaming and telling people to help," says Christian.

High School Seniors Christian Vance and Craig Potts didn't think twice.

"Me and Chris ran as fast as we could to try and stop em," says Christian.

Christian raced to one side and helped grabbed a passenger and Craig rescued a grandmother in her 90's.

"I seen her hair kinda caught fire so I kinda rubbed it out on my forearm and I got the belt off and her and I was just thinking I gotta hurry up and get her out of here before it blows up," says Craig.

He carried the grandmother to safety.

"She was telling me she was burning and I was like, you ain't burning, you ain't burning. I checked her hands to see if they were burning, her fingertips were like black, I guess they did get burned," says Craig.

"It's just an awesome feeling knowing that I saved someone's life," adds Craig.

"Makes me feel like I did the right thing." adds Christian .

There are 1.6 million lights on display at the Garden of Lights. But for the two teenagers there's one light they will always remember.