Two Woman Charged with Child Neglect in Jenks Case

Amy Latimer

Two women are being charged with child neglect Wednesday afternoon after police found an 18-month-old abandoned in a Jenks apartment.

Ginger Rolan, 51, and Amy Latimer, 39, were charged with child neglect complaints after police alleged they failed to act appropriately when they realized 18-month-old Kyzen Thompson was ill.

The complaints came last week after Jenks Police served search warrants and checked cell phones in an effort to determine when they realized the child was sick versus when they took emergency action.

Rolan and Latimer's case dates back to April when police discovered that the 18-month old's grandfather was dead, unbeknownst to the other people in the house.

"I don't even know that they realized that was the case, they thought maybe that he may have been sleeping," said the chief.

Ray Lykins was 48 years old. His grandson, Kyzen Thompson, was taken to St. Francis and admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit in critical condition.

As of now the cause of death of Lykins is unknown. Earlier reports stated that there was concern that the toddler may have accidentally ingested some prescription pills.