TYPros Brings Trader Joe's to Downtown Tulsa

Tulsa's Young Professionals hosted its first "Bring it to Tulsa" event Saturday. The group drove to and from Kansas City to bring back ordered items from the popular grocery chain, Trader Joe's.

"We'll be collecting the zip code of everyone that comes down here and basically add to the conversation of needing a grocery store downtown," said TYPros' Executive Director Brian Paschal. "Hopefully get the word out that people on a Saturday night at four o'clock are willing to drive downtown if it's the right store."

TYPros converted GitWit Creative into a Trader Joe's pop up shop from four to eight p.m.

Paschal said the group collected more than 200 orders from folks in Green County before departing for Kansas City. That meant buying more than $7,000-worth of product. The group also bought additional items to offer samples at the event and offer merchandise to shoppers who did not pre-order.

TYPros wanted to shine a light on the need for a grocery store downtown and hopefully encourage Trader Joe's to come to Tulsa. The group posted a sign that no "Two Buck Chuck" is for sale, because of Oklahoma's liquor laws. Paschal said the group hopes to generate conversation about how current liquor laws could possibly inhibit businesses from coming to the Sooner State.

The group is also considering encouraging chains like H&M, Crate & Barrel, and Urban Outfitters to open in Tulsa.