Tyreek Hill Is A Fast Addition To Cowboys Running Attack

Mike Gundy's Cowboys held their ninth practice of the spring this afternoon. OSU has a lot of new faces trying to make names for themselves. Tyreek Hill is one guy that is already on everyone's radar.

Tyreek is one of the new JUCO transfers at Oklahoma State and the Cowboys hope to use him at several positions like running back, wide receiver and in the kick return game. The thing you notice first when watching him play is that he can flat out fly.

"Really explosive. One of the fastest guys in the country there is, so now we're going to see if that definitely translates to the football field." said Jemal Singleton, OSU running back coach.

The transition Coach Singleton is referring to is from track and field to football. Tyreek is already a Big 12 Champion, winning the indoor title in the 200-meter just last month. He ran it in 20.81. That's fast.

"Tyreek is fast!" said Kevin Peterson, OSU junior cornerback.

"Phssss, he's super fast." said Jimmy Bean, OSU Junior defensive end.

"Uhhh he's pretty fast." said Jhajuan Seales, OSU sophomore receiver.

Right now he has the second fastest 200-meters in the country and was five thousands of a second from winning the 60-meter at the Big 12 meet. In 2012, he was the United States Junior Champion in the 200.

"You have Tyreek in a race though don't you?""Oh, no sir he has me beat." Seals replied.

But not everyone is willing to concede to the speed of Tyreek just yet.

"I don't like to say that people are faster than me, but he's fast. He's real fast." said Peterson, "Tyreek is one of the fastest guys I've ever seen in my life. Especially in pads. I went on a blitz today and I went right by him. it wasn't my guy, but I turned around and started running. i usually gain ground on people, but he was moving. Tyreek is a fast guy."The versatility that Tyreek brings to this football team should excite Cowboys. They will get their first chance to see him do what he does this Saturday at 1:30pm in Boone Pickens Stadium for the Orange Blitz. It's the Pokes version of a spring game.

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