Uncounted Ballots Discovered in Narrow Oklahoma House Seat Race

NORMAN, Okla. (AP) - An already tight race for an Oklahoma House seat from Norman has become murkier after Cleveland County election officials discovered 60 uncounted mail-in absentee ballots.

Cleveland County Election Board Secretary Jim Williams says the ballots were discovered Thursday night in a box containing discarded envelopes.

Williams says the district attorney's office has said the ballots can be counted, and that he's confident the outcome of the House race can be determined with "mathematical certainty."

Unofficial results show incumbent Republican Rep. Aaron Stiles defeated Democratic challenger Paula Roberts by just 18 votes, but an additional 71 provisional ballots still have not been verified and counted.

The Cleveland County Election Board will count both the provisional ballots and the uncounted absentee ballots beginning at 3 p.m. Friday afternoon.

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