Union School Board to Vote on Redistricting Plan

The Union school board will vote tonight on a redistricting plan for several elementary schools.

The Union school district looked at projected enrollment numbers for next year and some schools were projected to be overcrowded. Authorities with the Union school district said fewer than 200 students will be affected.

Charlie Bushyhead, assistant superintendent for support services for UPS, said it's a good problem for Union Public Schools to have.

Bushyhead said the adjustments were needed but the board made sure the fewest possible number of students would be affected.

"It's a growing district. We have over 15,500 students total and less than 200 will be affected," Bushyhead said.

Students who live in Shannon Park will who currently go to Clark Elementary will now go to Rosa Parks Elementary. Students who live in the Stone Crest Apartments and who go to Rosa Parks Elementary will now go to Peters Elementary. Lastly, students who live in Melinda Park and who go to McAuliffe Elementary will now go to Moore Elementary.