Union JROTC Set to Perform at Inaugural Parade, Still Short Funds

The Union School District is doing a crash course in fundraising.

The JROTC is scheduled to perform at President Obama's Inaugural Parade on Monday. But first, they have to get there and they're still short several thousand dollars.

The opportunity for Union students came at the last minute. They weren't invited to the inaugural activities at first, but then a group backed out and that's when the scrambling began to raise money for their trip.

Union's JROTC is used to big time performances, but Monday's parade, will top everything.

"I'll have something I'll be able to tell my children to tell their children that I get to see the swearing in of our president and march in the parade that no one in my entire family has ever gotten to do," says Alexander Laboyteaux, Cadet with Union's JROTC.

Eighty students and ten adults will make the trip. But there's just one problem. Money. They're eight to ten thousand dollars short of their goal.

"It's very important that we sell as many milkshakes as we can today, so everyone needs to be on the milkshake diet," says Sr. Master Sgt, Dan Snow with Union's JROTC.

Chick-Fil-A Stores on Garnett and at Woodland Hills Mall are donating Five-Hundred dollars if they sell a thousand milk shakes. Fundraising hasn't been easy because of a potential contributors political views.

"I really try to stress that this really isn't about, one single president this is a moment in history. Every state deserves to be represented at the inaugural parade regardless of which president it is," says Snow.

They call it an obligation of honor that some have experienced four years ago when Union was also invited.

"And then when you turn the corner and see the Presidential box and you give the proper honors to the president, by acknowledging and saluting that is the rush," says Retired Colonel Ron McCool with the Union JROTC.

And students like Cora Leonard will do their best to contain their excitement.

"I support him in every way and I'm gonna see him."

Once the students march in the parade, they'll immediately board busses back to Tulsa and return on Tuesday. Students are expected back to school on Wednesday.

If you'd like to help them reach their goal. Their last fundraiser will be tomorrow at CI-CI'S Pizza at 91st and Memorial from 5 til close.@