UPDATE: Amber Alert Over, Child Safe In Custody

William Taylor

UPDATE: Tulsa County Sheriff's Deputies and Tulsa Police announced early Thursday that the Amber Alert for Jason Taylor has expired. According to Sgt. John Adams with the Child Exploitation Unit, a fisherman heading out to his fishing pond near 106th and N. Lewis around 5 a.m. spotted the vehicle matching the description in the Amber Alert. The man saw people inside asleep, backed away and called Skiatook Police. "Sheriff's deputies respond, they find our vehicle, they find our suspect and they find our child," Adams said at a news conference. The baby has been reunited with his mother, while the suspect has been booked into jail."The little boy was happy, you could hear when he was reunited with mom, he was ecstatic," Adams said. Adams said it was a joint effort to find the child, with the FBI, US Marshals and local law enforcement agencies involved.

Police will now interview Taylor and speak with the District Attorney to decide what charges will be filed. He is currently in custody on two counts of violating a protective order.

As for the emergency alerts many people received on their smartphones, Tulsa Police said while they help in tracking down subjects, they have no control over sending those out.

"It's a nationwide alert. Once the Department of Public Safety issues the Amber Alert, then the Feds are notified and that's all controlled by the federal government," Adams explained.

The alert is sent out to phones within coverage area of the cell towers in our area.

ORIGINAL STORY: Tulsa Police have issued an Amber Alert for a missing two-year-old they say was taken by his biological father Tuesday evening.

According to TPD Officer Jillian Roberson, the child was forcibly taken from his mother from a location in the 5600 block of E 71st St. around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Roberson said the mother was not injured, but was obviously shaken up because the father is not supposed to have any contact with her or the child. There was no indication of a weapon shown.

Jason Allen Taylor is described as a white male, blonde hair, blue eyes and was last seen wearing a blue Batman shirt and diaper.

His father, 28-year-old William Corey Taylor, is described as a white male, 5'2", 175 lbs., with brown hair, blonde beard and blue eyes.

Police said Taylor has a history of violence and suffers from a mental illness.

According to police, there is a permanent protective order in place for Jason Taylor with William Taylor as the Defendant.

Court records reveal that Taylor was ordered to stay 300 yards from Jason and another minor child during a March 28 hearing for an emergency protective order.

Taylor left with Jason in a black 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe with some damage to it, with Oklahoma tag 965-AJK.

According to DPS, he may be armed and dangerous.

Police are working to determine where he may have gone and are interviewing those close to Taylor throughout the course of the investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 immediately.

Jason's mother Julia Burdick said Taylor walked into her friend's apartment where she was staying, demanding his children Tuesday night. Her four-year-old daughter was with Burdick's mother elsewhere in town. She is concerned about Taylor's mental state, saying he has thought that he was God in the past.

"Please don't hurt our son. Just bring him to me, please ," Burdick said. She is asking anyone with information to contact law enforcement.

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