UPDATE: Craigslist Robbery Suspect Caught, Confesses To Police

The man accused of an armed robbery during a Craigslist sale is caught by police over the weekend.

According to arrest documents, 28-year-old Jonathan Love was arrested Sunday afternoon and admitted to the crime during interrogation.

Police said Love arranged to meet Tulsa resident Travis Repp last Wednesday at the Taco Bueno near 21st and Sheridan to sell him a laptop.

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Love showed up on foot with a laptop box, and then showed Repp a gun and forced him back into his own vehicle.

Police said Love took Repp's wallet and ran off.

Repp is a concealed-carry gun owner. He told that he pulled his gun, but decided not to fire because of his surroundings.

"It was $350, so it wasn't worth shooting him," he said Wednesday. Plus, there's houses and an apartment building back there. I didn't want to kill the kid or have a stray bullet go into someone's house."

Repp said he's had good experience with Craigslist before, but says this is his last attempt to buy