Supreme Court To Hear OK Custody Battle Over Native America Child

The adoptive parents of a Cherokee toddler are fighting a recent custody decision.

Their case is now being appealed at the national level.

A State Supreme Court judge voted in-favor of Veronica's biological father in July based on a federal law designed to keep American Indian families together.

Dusten Brown is a member of the Cherokee nation and objected when Veronica's mom gave her up for adoption.

Brown has claimed that he didn't know Veronica's mother was going to put her up for adoption when he signed away his parental rights.

Melanie and Matt Copabianco of South Carolina adopted the little girl two years ago but lost custody.

Little Veronica is now back in Oklahoma with her dad pending a U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The Capobiancos are not allowed to have any contact with Veronica, who turns three years old this Saturday. They say they'll spend the day with family.

"Concentrate on the positive and knowing that she's such a strong independent, funny happy little girl," said Matt.

And they refuse to abandon the hope that Veronica is one day coming back.

"This is her home. she lives here," said Matt. "She may not be here right now, but when she comes home I want her to see all her stuff."