VA Furloughs 576 Employees

The regional office of Veteran's Affairs in Muskogee furloughed 576 employees that's 40 percent of it's workforce. The reality is fewer claims for veterans benefits are being processed out of this office.

"Somebody is breaking a contract that I made in 1974. I held my end up," says Cpl. Phillip Davis."
Davis is visiting the Muskogee Veteran's Hospital. While it's NOT directly impacted, veteran's getting service benefits are.

"These young men and women that are going over today and fighting and end up in a wheelchair like me what's going to happen to them 20 years from now. Are they gonna break their contract with them," says Davis.
A statement from the VA Benefits office says in part that the VA will continue to accept claims, processing activities and payments in the compensation, pension, education, and vocational rehabilitation programs through late October.
SPC John "Butch" Meadows says, "I haven't really noticed the impact not just yet but I feel it's coming. I hate to be that way but I feel it's coming."

"It's adding stress to the veteran's lives," says James Floyd. Medical Director of the Veteran's Hospital which is INDIRECTLY impacted.

"We want them to know we have our behavioral health program. We have social workers and others who can work with them deal with these uncertain issues that they have right now," says Floyd.

The furlough numbers at the Veteran's Administration Office are subject to change depending on the duration of the government shutdown.