Valentine's Day Gas Spike, You'll Pay More For Flowers

As gas prices go up, floral shops may pass the cost along, this Valentine's Day. They will have tons of deliveries between now and Thursday.

In a floral shop everything costs, every flower down to the bows that go on corsages. This year it will cost a bit more to get the flowers you love.

The biggest problem floral shops have right now, are the shipping costs. The flowers you desire come from California, Holland and South America. At Stems floral shop, one shipping charge alone was 500-bucks.

They will figure those costs into each stem they cut for every floral design. But on your deliveries, those costs went up in 2012, so they will remain the same for now.

Stems has 12 vehicles for Valentine's Day deliveries so they are hoping to divide the city and get those done efficiently.

Depending on your flowers and where they came from, you could seen an increase so expect to pay more.

"I don't think they have gone up significantly but they have taken a baby step in price, compared to last two or three years. They've taken a little step up," said Renaye Johnston, of Stems.

The average cost of delivering flowers in midtown is about 7 to 10 dollars.