Vandals Take Repeated Aim At Local Church

The problem first started when vandals began taking copper from this air conditioning unit. The church put up this metal fence but vandals keep coming back.

Even the most sacred places, where people gather to worship are trashed, shattered and sometimes broken.

"This is a great opportunity for the church to be a light in the darkened place," says Mondo Jenkins, Youth Pastor at Life Park Christian Fellowship.

Vandals have returned to Life park Christian Fellowship not once, or twice,...but five times. Stealing copper, breaking windows, stealing instruments, gifts and more.

"They're just distractions and we've got to remember to keep the main thing, the main thing and that's the people," says Senior Pastor Terry Bell

both shepherd of the flock and also a man... with feelings and raw and real reactions to the events that both shake us to shape us.

"You want the truth, I was mad, 5th time in 6 months," says Bell.

But anger gave way what this church is all about....the people...not the building and not things. It doesn't mean there won't ever be pain or questions.

"Why do they keep hitting us but then I realized why did they keep hitting Jesus, literally physically he kept on loving," says Bell.

It's a sentiment echoed by the youth pastor.

"I don't think light needs to be where light is. We're called to be in a dark place and if there are dark things going on we feel like we're in the right place," says Jenkins.

And while there are gates, metal fences, and security, the church one day hopes to return to an open door policy. They moved to the community to serve.

"What does God want us to do here, He wants us to take care of people and that's just not good stable people," add Bell.

"It takes a village. We're all in this thing together and we float or we sink together," says Jenkins.