Vet Makes House Calls

Havinga sick pet is a difficult situation for any family, but there's a wayto get help that most of us wouldn't even think about.

There'sa veterinarian who comes right to your front door.

Dr.Sarah Gordon runs the For The Animals Veterinary Clinic, out ofBartlesville.

Butshe covers most of Northeastern Oklahoma with her elaborate mobilefacilities.

Shesays there are quite few vets in Bartlesville, so she wanted to offera new service for pet owners.

Gordon will tell you, that traveling to homes can give her a better understanding of the relationship betweenowners and their animals.

Hervan is set up with an exam room, sinks, medicines and equipment inthe front.

Whilethe back is used for the operating room.

Thevehicle has everything but an x-ray machine and facilities to doblood work.

Shesays she can perform about 90% of veterinary procedures on fourwheels, but she will go into the owner's home if that's better forthe animal.

Dr.Gordon is a big supporter of animal rescue efforts, so she uses hertruck to spay and neuter animals before they're adopted.

She'ssays it's a way to give back to the community and to keep her oath ofhelping animals in need.

Shecan be reached at 918-815-9122.