Veteran Receives Medals After 68 Years

A 92-year-old World War II veteran received six medals at Schulter's Veterans Day Ceremony, 68 years after being discharged.

Former rifleman Olen McKay never knew the government owed him the six medals, including the bronze star, which is awarded for valor. After he was honorably discharged, he returned home to his wife and children quickly. It was not until his daughter, Sharon Allen, started processes to enroll him in the V.A. that she learned he had earned the honors.

"In that process, I read on his discharge papers that he was awarded medals, so I asked him, 'You know, Dad, where's your medals at?' He said, 'I never got any medals,'" said Allen.

McKay is from Schulter and schooled his children and grandchildren there. That was why Allen organized his medal presentation to take place at the school's yearly Veterans Day Ceremony.

Army National Guard representative John Delso presented him with the awards and apologized for the delay. "It feels good to see it made right," he said.

McKay, admittedly, is uncertain what each medal is necessarily for, but is honored nonetheless to receive them.

"I've always been a good man," said McKay. "Tried to be."

Allen describes her father as hardworking and a good, Christian man. He raised his family on a farm after returning from the war.