Meadows Apartment Shooting Victim Pronounced Dead

A male victim has been pronounced dead after being shot at the Meadows Apartments at approximately midnight Tuesday.

The victim of Tulsa's 24th homicide of the year was identified as Deangelous Mackey, 37.

Homicide sergeant Dave Walker says two masked men approached the victim in a breezeway and several shots were fired.

Detectives reported the 37-year-old victim was brain dead as a result of the shooting He was transported to St. John's hospital and was pronounced dead at 8:28 a.m.

Detectives are looking for more witnesses to the shooting and say that they have not yet determined a motive. Detectives say there is evidence of a fight in the common area of the apartments prior to the shooting but they are receiving conflicting suspect information.

Authorities were told two masked individuals, in addition to a third male, left in a small maroon car after the shooting.

The Meadows Apartments are located at 2833 South 115th East Avenue.