Victim Walking Out of Walmart Robbed of Car

At approximately 4 a.m. this morning, Tulsa police responded to an armed robbery and carjacking of a customer who was walking out of Walmart.

This incident occurred at the 207 South Memorial Walmart location. The victim told police he had just left Walmart and was walking to his car when a suspect presented a gun and demanded the keys to his 1989 Honda Accord.

About 15 minutes after the carjacking, police discovered the stolen vehicle was on the Broken Arrow expressway, engulfed in flames. The suspect was no longer in the vehicle. Police believe the car caught fire as the suspect was driving.

The suspect was described as either Asian or Hispanic at 5'8" between 160-170 pounds. He was armed with a handgun. He has not yet been located.

There were no injuries.

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