Therapist: Sexual Assault Victims Brave For Coming Forward

When someone is sexually assaulted they feel like their power and security are taken away. The eight women attacked by the sexual assault predator all survived the traumatic experience, but now they begin to recover.

"It is not their shame. They did nothing wrong," said Rebecca Norton, Therapist.

Norton describes the eight victims who were sexually assaulted as brave women because they had the courage to come forward.

"In my practice I've seen people who were assaulted or raped and they didn't go to the police even if I urged them. They did not want to go because they didn't want to tell their story over again," Norton said.

According to Norton most sexual-assault victims need months or years of therapy to heal.

"It depends on the history of the woman. If for instance she's had an abuse history its going to take more. It could trigger all those abuse memories and then we got more problems," Norton said.

Survivors of sexual assault or rape attacks usually suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

"There are also long term effects. Their sex life could be severely affected which of course would affect their spouse. Then there's the hyper vigilance that could continue," Norton said.

Since the women were attacked in their homes, the process can be more challenging.

"They will dream about it. They probably won't be able to stay in their house for a while or they will have to have somebody with them all the time," Norton said.

Norton said with the right treatment and with time the women can recover.