Video of Accused Shoplifter Goes Viral

An accused shoplifter caught in the act. On another man's cell phone. That video is going viral! It happened outside the Walmart in Coweta.

A man named Anthony Smith posted the video on his Facebook page on Sunday. More than 3,800 people shared the video as of Tuesday. According to comments on the social media website, Smith followed a possible shoplifter out of a Coweta Walmart and captured the man quickly throwing a shopping cart full of groceries into the back seat of a gold SUV. The video even shows the man removing the SUV's license plate. At one point smith walks up to the windshield and tries getting the VIN number on camera. The man in the video denies stealing from Walmart claiming he paid for all of it. But Smith kept rolling until the SUV sped away.

On Tuesday Walmart confirmed their surveillance video shows the man did steal from the Coweta store. Walmart shoppers we spoke describe the man behind the camera as bold.

"Brave. Good for them. Maybe it will stop some of these stupid people from stealing," said Kirk Davidson, shopper.

"I think they are brave. You don't know what people are going to do he could have had a gun or something," said Chelsea Terry, shopper.

While Smith's bravery helped officers identify the man in the video, law enforcement officers said Smith did put himself in danger.

"The suspect could always become very violent towards the victim and assault them, take the phone. You never know if they have weapons. He definitely put himself at risk. Although I do appreciate the bravery that he had," said Cpl. Leon Calhoun, Broken Arrow Police Department.

Cpl. Calhoun said if you witness a crime, it's best to snap your photos or shoot your video at a safe distance. Meaning don't confront the suspect.

Since the posting of the video, officers have identified the man and driver of the SUV, but Coweta Police is not releasing the names because the case is still under investigation.


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