Vigil Held To Remember Fatal Crash Victims

This is a close knit community and the only place large enough to accommodate a crowd.

Along highway 66 four floral wooden crosses stand out. It's where lives were lost on Friday, 9 year old Alex Henry, 51 year old Vivian Henry, 74 year old Sue Frazier and 74 year old Vernon Bowles.

"I don't think they ever knew what hit 'em," says Tina Peterson who owns KV Grill. It's where she's come to know some of the victims family members.

"One cousin came in and he was very tight lipped about it couldn't talk too much and I just got done talking to John and he was a little bit tired to so it's a sad realization," she says.

The town of Kellyville has had to deal with back to back tragedies and it can't help but show on people's faces.

"It's somber everybody is trying to be upbeat but it's kinda hard. That's a lot of people for a small town.

While grieving they're also growing tired.

"They are a little bit bitter about the highway a little bit bitter because nothings ever done." says Peterson.

Fatal crashes keep happening. This one was from April.

I've been here 3 1/2 years and I would say probably 8 to 10 fatalities.

At the Kellyville High School tonight, its the most recent crash victims from Friday who are being remembered. A vigil begins at 8. Meanwhile the man who police say caused the fatal crash....52 year old David Ernst of Salina remains jailed.