Virtual Dementia Tour Simulates Alzheimer's Disease

Both young and old, dementia and Alzheimer's disease affects one in eight people here in the United States.

But what is it like?

Experts say, experiencing the effects personally could help caretakers better understand the patient.

Cypress Springs is a memory care center in South Tulsa...

Friday, it hosted a Virtual Dementia Tour for staffers and the public.

Strobe lights and loud white noise are used to confuse participants, who wear goggles and gloves to dull the senses.

Kasey Littlefield took the tour. She says, "It kind of overrides your other senses, because you can't touch, you can't see. There's a lot of noise distraction, so you're very disoriented. So without those senses, it's really hard to process just every day tasks.

Littlefield writes for a senior publication and says the tour helped her understand what some of her readers go through.