Vision 2 Before Voters On November 6th Ballot

TulsaCounty voters will have more than the presidential election to decide in November.

Today- county commissioners approved a plan that will put an almost 750 million dollar tax extension before voters.

The Gilcrease Expressway completes the loop around Tulsa, connecting west and North Tulsa to Sand Springs and Berryhill. It's just one of projects that county commissioners are also hoping is a path to economic progress.

Tulsa county commissioners hope voters will follow their lead and but its clear some won't.

"Our message is that we want no more taxes," says Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, Tulsa 9.12 Project.

Commissioners will put before voters not a new tax but a tax extension of Vision 2025. One resolution targets economic development and calls for airport improvements including American airlines.

"If we don't make these investments then we stand to lose jobs in the aerospace industry, even more than what we're looking at right now far more," says John Smaligo, Tulsa County Commission Chairman.

Both sides agree on one thing, the future is uncertain.

"Kansas residents invested millions of dollars into their facilities anticipating Boeing would stay and they left so where are our guarantees that they are going to stay," says Smith.

Expo Square, said to be one of Tulsa county's largest economic engines would benefit from the capital improvements side of vision 2.

Karen Keith, Tulsa County Commissioner adds,{} In order for us to continue to be competitive we have to continue to invest in those facilities."

That investment would include roads and bridges and other infrastructure. commissioners are pushing Vision 2 at a time when county taxpayers are now experiencing some savings.

"Four to Fix the County was allowed to expire just last September so we've seen tax rate decrease in this county very recently .

Commissioners voted to allow more public comment on capital improvements. that is scheduled to happen September 10. it goes before voters on the November 6th ballot.