Vision 2 Described As "Irresponsible"

The press conference was designed to drive home the accomplishments of vision 2025 as somewhat of a plug for what could be with Vision 2. There were few people in attendance, and Bill Leighty was certainly not one of them.

"I just don't think it's prudent, and it's irresponsible as a matter of fact," he said.

Which is a bold statement from Bill given how pro-Tulsa he is.

"I've never opposed a school bond issue, a library bond issue, a capital improvement, I've never opposed anything," he said.

Until now, until Vision 2.

"This is a reactionary, ill-conceived idea," he said.

For one thing, he says, where's the consideration for the future of Tulsa's transportation needs.

"PlaniTulsa said we need street cars and light rail, there's not a mention of that and here we are talking about going into debt to 2029 and nothing for a streetcar, nothing for an improved bus system, nothing for a light rail system," he said.

But what about the airport argument? That Tulsa's aerospace industry could be in jeopardy unless massive improvements are funded?

"The fact is that there is a huge momentum shift to outsource this work overseas and so even spending a couple hundred million dollars is no guarantee that we're going to be able to hold on to this," he said.

This Wednesday, officials will give a tour of the airport complex to stump for Vision 2. And with just weeks till the vote, Bill sees the pressure of politics building.

"People are afraid not to support it because if it passes then they want to make sure that their deal gets funded, and so everybody's out there trying to get a little piece of the pie," he said.