Vision 2 Forum Gets Community Input

"What is going to benefit our city the most?," asked Tulsa city councilor Jeannie Cue.

It was the central question at the kick-off of the Vision 2 forums.

"I think this is a very good idea," said mayor Bartlett stumping for water in the river, and the Gilcrease expressway.

"We're here to talk about projects, infrastructure projects that in my view will be transformational in this city's future," he said.

Several zoo supporters were lobbying. They're looking for $20 million dollars.

"Our zoo is a great educational resource for school age children and college students," said a zoo keeper.

Councilor Cue would like some money to go directly council districts. How much?

"We'd like a million but we'd settle for less," she laughed.

Kaye Price is tired of seeing the impact of budget strapped Parks Department.

"I personally have a real problem with tearing down a multitude of our rec centers, filling in our swimming pools for splash parks, which affect children 10 and under maybe," she said.

And Charles Barthel...

"I'm disappointed in this process," he said.

A{}process which he views as putting the cart before the horse.

"I don't know where the $750 million came up before we know what we're going to use it on," he said.

Listening to that doubt? Mayoral candidate Bill Christiansen. Who's on the Vision 2 fence, until things get into focus.

"The people want to know exactly what they'll be voting for. What's in it for them? What's in it for their neighborhood? What's in it for their quality of life?," he asked.