Vision 2 - Making the Case for Another 13 Year Sales Tax

It's the industry that supports some 11,000 residents, but Tulsa's aerospace infrastructure needs some major done work in order to keep that mojo going.{}"We have to make these improvements now," said{}Don walker, co-chair of Vision 2, seeking to raise $225 million to update the airport's industrial complex, by extending the vision 2025 sales tax."We pay this 6/10 of one cent, 6/10 of one penny for another 13 years, but we save thousands of jobs, and potentially create new jobs, we think it a great investment," he said.And not all the money would go to the airport."Quality of life is a major element of economic development," said mayor Dewey Bartlett.Over $360 million would go to towns for individuals projects."For example, there already is strong interest in community projects such as the Tulsa zoo, adding water continuously in the Arkansas river, and a juvenile justice center," he said.But will residents get behind another 13 year sales tax."I would vote for it," said{}Jenny Pitts. She says she's on board, and doesn't even really notice the current tax, so an extension?"I can't think of anything negative from that if that's all that it is," she said.As for $200 plus million going out to the airport."Yeah, fine, if it's gonna promote some industry in Tulsa then that's a great thing," said Casey Newport. For him, Vision2 is downright Benjamin Frankilnish. {}"There's only two certain things in life and that's taxes and death, so bring it on," he smiled.