Vision 2 Means Decisions on Projects

Election day is growing closer. And that is when you will decide on a multimillion dollar plan to improve infrastructures in Tulsa county. Vision 2 is an initiative that could impact all of us.

Channel 8's Kim Jackson says leaders are starting detail proposed changes.

You can see there is construction happening in downtown. One city leader says we need more of this. He says if Tulsa gets millions of dollars, with Vision 2, it needs to come right downtown.

The skyline of Tulsa has changed. Downtown has grown with the new arena and ballpark. But that's not enough.

"We neglected our downtown for a long time and I think we have making up to do we have seen progress in recent years and I think the wise investment is to continue to invest in the core center. So downtown the river, those make a lot of sense to me," said City Councilor Blake Ewing, regarding the 150-million dollars expected from Vision 2.{}

"{}I'm not cheerleading for it to pass but if it does, I want to make sure we have projects in here that are truly transformational to the city of Tulsa," said Blake.

Leaders in Glenpool, Jenks, Owasso, Broken Arrow and Sand Springs are thinking hard as well about their cut.

More than 300-million dollars would be used for repairs at the airport, to perhaps, keep American Airline jobs.

"Whether we have American here or anybody else, we need to make Tulsa attractive place to live where people want to move here, not because American is here, but because this is a great place to live," said Bill Leighty, who is opposed to Vision 2.

Leighty a long time community planner, says there are no guarantees investing money for airline jobs. He says we are better off, making life better.

"It{}means sidewalks. It means a complete streets that allow for cyclists and pedestrians and it means investments in neighborhoods like lighting and benches and trees."

It could mean changes all over the county.

Tulsa city councilors may not all agree on the different ideas on the table right now, but they will come together and vote on a plan for this money.