Vision 2 Money Could Help the Tulsa Zoo

The debate about Vision 2 is heating up supporters say it will mean economic growth for Tulsa. While others say the tax package is too much and too soon. Some local attractions are looking at what improvements they could get if Vision 2 passes. The Tulsa Zoo would get $20 million and would include several upgrades and new exhibits."It will include the African plans area as well as the African forest. African forest will include chimpanzees and we also have the potential for gorillas," says community relations coordinator, Sarah Floyd.{}The veterinarian likes the idea of adding new animals and making it better for the ones that are already at the zoo."by giving them a better environment here at the zoo they will do better and live longer lives here than they do in the wild so they do benefit from that," says Dr. Jen Killburn, Tulsa Zoo Association Veterinarian, "these animals are endangered in the wild because of poaching or human encroachment or their habitat lost. So by having them here we are able to conserve the species as far as future generations."Opponents to Vision 2 say all these plans are too rushed and we need more time to figure out what Tulsa really needs. But the zoo says with the thousands of people that come to the zoo they need the support to keep people from all over coming to Tulsa."It's a regional attraction we actually bring out five hundred and fifty thousand visitors each year. So, we are a community asset so we hope that supporters can get behind us and support their zoo," says Floyd.{}There are two different propositions with the Vision 2 question. One is for airport infrastructure and the other is quality of life.