Vision 2 Plan Receives Opposition

Anytime you're talking taxes there is going to be plenty of debate. The city says it welcomes it, but it's not the only one with a forum.

Tulsans are taking to Twitter and Facebook to get you to vote no to Vision 2. It's a plan to extend the six-tenths of a cent sales tax that's currently in place with vision 2025. One part would make improvements to the airport. Those against it call it a bailout. "It's a beef that they will have in the ballot box, we can't influence what the wording is on that ballot," Tulsa City Councilor G. T. Bynum told Tulsa's Channel 8. Councilor Bynum says that's a county issue, but the city and its citizens can help shape another part of the plan. Bynum and Mayor Dewey Bartlett would like to see $158,000,000 put toward things like improving the river. The zoo and Gilcrease Expressway are other items on the mayor's wish list, but ultimately both say it's up to you. Five town hall meetings are planned to get your input. "I hope our fellow Tulsans will come out to these meetings that we will have throughout the community and let us know what they think. Good, bad, definitely not indifferent though," explained Councilor Bynum.

Mayor Bartlett says Vision 2 is a great opportunity to improve Tulsa. He says anyone who doubts it should look to the BOK Center as proof of what's possible. "This is another beginning of a great event in our history," he said during a news conference Wednesday morning. However, Ronda Vuillemont- Smith is focused on how the city plans to pay for that vision. She says an extension of taxes is too taxing. "It's hard to tell that you've got republicans in office that are supposed to be for smaller government and lower taxes and financial and fiscal responsibility. Sorry, I call out my own too," she said.

The first chance to publicly have your say will be Monday August 27th from 5:30p.m. to 7:30p.m. at Webster High School.

For more information on all of the forums and how to voice your questions and concerns regarding Vision 2, click on the links associated with this story.