VNA - Plenty of Flu Vaccine, But No Drive-Thru

Debbie Hicks has no doubt what it sounded like Wednesday morning when she was sitting at her desk at the VNA minding her own business.

"I thought that there had been a bomb," she said.

And why wouldn't you when the ceiling falls down and the wall is ripped apart after an elderly woman crashed into building.

"She just pushed on the gas instead of the brake," she said.

Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.

"It's been quite a day," she sighed.

And maybe, just maybe, the elderly driver was simply preoccupied with what type of flu shot to get.

"Up until now it's always been three strains," said VNA R.N. Merlyn Sweet.

She's talking about the flu vaccine which normally protects you against three different types of flu, three strains, but this year, if you want, you can get a four strain vaccine.

"The advantages are there's one additional strain that you will be immunized against," she said.

Disadvantages are price and availability. CVS said they didn't have the 4-strain but had the 3-strain for $31.99. Target had the 4-strain, but charged $7 dollars more for it, at $35 versus $28 for the 3-strain. Walgreens though, said they had both strains for the same price of $31.99 And the VNA has the 3-strain for $30 and the 4-strain for $40. All of which can be a lot to keep straight.

"I really did think a bomb went off," reiterated Debbie.

So maybe, just maybe, that's what the lady who nearly turned the front wall into a drive-thru had on her mind. And in true professional form, the good folks at VNA made sure she was all right, then got her vaccinated.

"She got her flu shot and she went home," said Debbie.

Cause that's just how they roll, but hopefully not through the front, at the VNA.

"I don't think we even missed a beat," laughed Debbie.