Volunteers Remind Oklahomans To Continue Helping Wildfire Victims

Helping Mannford Fire Victims

It's been nearly a year since Mannford wildfires took out hundreds of homes. But work crews continue volunteering and say the recovery effort needs more assistance.

Residents are rebuilding after the fires in Mannford in 2012, but there is still work to be done. At the home of Laura Wade, you can see the need as well as the response.

The wildfires swept through, taking out more than 500-homes, including hers. Those residents are putting their lives back together with help from perfect strangers.

Sand Springs United Methodist Church is reaching out, with hard work. They are building well houses, to protect water pumps, which many residents utilize.

They delivered one to Wade's home. A crew from IIndianabuilt her front porch. A crew from Texas chipped in. And now the Sand Springs team is finishing up.

In 11-months only 10-teams have been here to assist families. Volunteers say they need help.

If you'd like to sign up to help, contact the Creek County Recovery Committee at 918-856-9185.

"You could go down to Moore today and they probably have that number, easily. People want to go there because they feel that is where the need is urgent. And it is and I don't deny what they need. But don't forget the victims that are here," said Buster Hall, of the Sand Springs United Methodist Church.

You can help with materials, or organize your own team. Of the 520 homes lost, most did not have insurance. With summer here, those people, who may live in trailers, need air conditioners and lawn mowers. But what they desperately need is money.