Voter Registration Deadline Approaches Next Week

With the presidential election just a month away, Oklahoma voters should take some time to check in with the Election Board before an important deadline next week.

On November 6, Oklahomans will take time out of their day to cast their ballots for who they think should be elected the nation's next president. But before they step into the voting booth, voters should remember that the deadline to register to vote is next week, Oct. 12.

Before Friday arrives, voters should get in touch with the Oklahoma Election Board to ensure that they are registered to vote or that their voter registration information on file is up to date.

It's also important to remember that in 2011, redistricting occurred changing precinct assignments for Oklahoma voters, so those who haven't voted since then should check in with the Board to see if their polling place changed.

The Election Board's website allows voters to look up their registration status and to see where their polling place is located. Their website is:

Those still looking to register can head to the Board's website to find registration applications online. Applications also are available at election board offices, post offices and most libraries.

Those without Internet access wanting more information can contact their county election board directly by click on the images to the right.

For more information, contact the state Election Board at 405-521-2391.

Download: Voter Registration Application