Voters Cast Ballots in Local October Elections

Several local issues are in the hands of Green Country voters Tuesday.The Collinsville School District, Jenks, and Glenpool have issues on local ballots. Some voters are weighing in."We just need some improvement, so I'm happy to do my fair share to get that done," said Jenks voter Monte Lalli. He came to Jenks First United Methodist Church to cast his vote in favor of the street improvement proposition. It is an $11.7 million project to allow street widening and the improvement of intersections. Many areas along Main Street would see changes. "It gets crowded. It gets dangerous," Lalli said. He is referring to one intersection along Main that he feels would benefit from the proposition.The second proposition Jenks voters are examining involves upgrades to the sewer system and costs about $2 million. Election officials at First United Methodist Church said as of 3:45 p.m., roughly 100 people had voted at that location."It's probably running about normal," said election official Frank Foster.Glenpool residents are voting on a regional sports complex Tuesday. It is a plan for a facility with six major league-styled baseball fields. It would also contain batting cages, indoor soccer fields, and more. Voters would need to approve the continuation of a .006 sales tax in 2017.According to former Mayor and Citizens for Glenpool Campaign Spokesperson Shayne Buchanan, city councilors "think it's sorely needed to bring economic development and retail to Glenpool." The city hoped to build the facility with the help of Vision 2 funds. When the county failed to pass that legislation, the city pushed for a vote in Glenpool.Buchanan said organizers expect the park could bring between 200,000 and 300,000 people to the area each year.There were some questions about how the ballot question was phrased. The Glenpool City Council voted Monday that if for any reason the complex does not come to fruition, the tax would be rescinded.Collinsville School District is asking voters to pass the biggest bond in the district. It would cost $20 million and support several school district projects, like a new upper elementary school building. It would also upgrade drop-off and pick-up loops.All voters residing in the Collinsville School District may vote on the measure, even though that spans across different counties.The polls are open Tuesday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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