Voters Set to Decide on $38 Million School Bond Issue

Voters cast early ballots in the school bond election.

You may be one of the few voters who will decide on the Tulsa Public school bond election. There are 137,000 voters who are able to vote in this election. But only a fraction is expected to show up.

At the county election board, voters showed up early to cast their ballots a day in advance. But by 11 this morning, only 49 people had shown up.

Voter turnout historically is low for school bond elections. This coming Tuesday was the one monthly date scheduled in advance for any election that could have happened in May.

Voters will decide on a 38-million dollar plan that would improve the technology and infrastructure in schools and add computers to classrooms.

In 2010, 17-percent of voters showed up and approved the largest school bond issue. more than 350-million dollars. This time, your taxes would go up. about a dime a day. But administrators say technology is worth the investment.

"If you take a look at those electrical upgrades, ensuring there is wireless in every Tulsa Public school going from 5 to 1 ratio for students, on computing devices like iPads and computers to 3 to 1 and having all modern equipment," said Dr. Keith Ballard of Tulsa Public Schools.

Tulsa Public Schools will pay for the election, which is expected to cost about 100-thousand dollars, based on 2010 election numbers.