Voters Take To Booths, Chairs & Walls At Tulsa Precinct

Constituents voting at one Tulsa precinct are using more than the booths to cast their ballots.

Our cameras caught folks marking their ballots on folding chairs, tables and even cinder block walls inside the precinct 46 polling place near 12th and Guthrie.

Tables and private booths were available but limited to the large crowd that came through the doors Tuesday morning.

Some folks called our newsroom angry with the options, but others - like Tulsan Johnna Brown - didn't seem to mind, saying they'd rather vote and get it over with.

"I was anxious to vote so I was going to do so as quickly as I could, even if I had to sit on a chair or a bench as it were," Brown said.

She added that precinct workers told voters they could wait in line for a private booth or space.

This scene wasn't limited to just downtown Tulsa, according to some viewers. KTUL staffers took calls from at least two other voters who were displeased with their precincts.