Voters Will Decide On New Computers and Technology for Students

The polls will open on Tuesday, for voters to decide on a 38 million dollars school bond issue for Tulsa Public Schools. You will have to decide if it is worth it.

School administrators say they went through more than a thousand surveys to come up with this school bond .Teachers and principals say they need more technology in classrooms. Right now there are five students to every one computing device. The bond would make it 3 students to every computer.

The school board has approved a 38-million dollar plan to make improvements to technology. But voters will have to decide on it.The school bond would pay for new computers in classrooms and training for teachers.

Some schools like Webster and McLain High both have cutting edge equipment. But they also had a grant for several years. Now the goal is to make sure other schools have what they need to prepare students for a new workforce that requires high tech training. Dr. Keith Ballard says it's something that parents--and even grandparents should think about.

"I think it is what you would want your son to have in the school he goes to to make sure they have wireless access, that everything works, there is support and that we are utilizing technology," explained Dr. Ballard, superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools.

This will increase your property tax for Tulsa County voters, about a dime a day, or three bucks a month.