Wagoner Authorities Still Seek Suspects in Shooting of Veteran

Wagoner authorities stated that the shooting of a veteran in 2011 still remains an open investigation this Thanksgiving.

It's been two years since Kenneth Payne was shot and critically injured from a gunshot wound on Thanksgiving in 2011 at a Wagoner shooting range. And the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office stated that the suspects are still being sought this year.

"Mr. Payne was an avid shooter that's what he lives for is to shoot his weapons," Wagoner Sheriff Bob Colbert told KTUL.

Back when the incident occurred, Wagoner deputies stated that Payne was shot several times before the suspects stole his weapons and fled the scene.

No description was provided on the suspects in the shooting. But Payne did recover from his injuries.

WCSO are reminding residents that a $5,000 reward is still being offered in the case. Anyone with information should call the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at 1800-522-8017.