Wagoner County Community Awarded Money for Public Storm Shelter

A grant was awarded to a Wagoner County community to help build a public storm shelter.

Officials in Okay announced this week a $150,000 grant to help provide the town with a community storm shelter. Organizers hope the grant will allow Okay to continue to improve its community safety during natural disasters.

"My wife and I installed a safe room in our home because we understand the importance of a safe place to be during a tornado or high winds," Representative Wade Rousselot said. "The Wagoner County Health Department recently installed a large safe room while remodeling their facility and it can be used for other tasks when we are not having storms."

According to a report from the Coweta American, Senator Kim David and Representative Rousselot stated that the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and the Office of Community Development presented the community with the grant.

Senator David said the grant helps cities, towns and counties raise the quality of life in their areas. Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Officials added that the project is expected to benefit approximately 600 residents.