B.A. Man Arrested on Charges of Domestic Abuse, Attempted Murder

Travis Brian Neighbors, 38

A Wagoner County man was arrested Wednesday evening after reportedly holding his wife against her will and attempting to kill her.

Travis Neighbors, 38, was arrested following the domestic violence incident at his residence in the area of South 257 E. Ave and East 91st St. South in Broken Arrow.

Deputies with Wagoner County said that once at the location, they learned that the victim, Darla Smith Neighbors, had been "held against her will with handcuffs by her husband."

Officers said that during the ordeal, Travis tried to force prescription pills down Darla's throat and attempted to suffocate her to death on multiple occasions.

Deputies said that Travis attempted to escape custody when they made contact with him. Upon his arrest, they found him to be in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

He is now at the Wagoner County Jail on charges of domestic assault and battery, kidnapping, attempted murder and attempted escape and possession of marijuana, among other charges.

No bond has been set at this time.