Wagoner County Jailer Taken into Custody for Escaped Inmates

William “Billy” Hagen Jr.

A Wagoner County jailer was arrested for helping inmates escape in July.

According to the Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert, with the help of William "Billy" Hagen Jr., inmates Larry Cotton and Mickey Staggs had a key and were able to get through the locked doors in about ten seconds.

"They knew exactly where to go, which key locks, we knew from the very beginning these things weren't adding up," Colbert said.

The investigation into Hagen Jr. started right after the two inmates where returned into custody. Colbert said all the evidence and facts lead to the warrant being issued for "officer allowing escape" and the probable cause arrest.

Colbert said the escape was caught on tape and they could see that Cotton and Staggs knew the direction to turn the locks because they are designed to go right and left and are changed often.

Since this incident, Colbert said they have added additional jailers and no jailer is allowed a key. The supervisor holds the only key and all the locks have been changed. Colbert said Hagen Jr. was an excellent employee and these cases are like arresting a family member.

"He made his situation, we didn't. We have a responsibility to the public to have an honest and excellent Sheriff's department and that's what we are going to do. If you want to be on that side of the law, you don't need to work for Wagoner County for sure," Colbert said. "This isn't the first employee to be arrested for breaking the law here and I think it sends a message not just here but any other police agency in this county or other counties."

Hagen bonded out, but was not being held in the Wagoner County jail.

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