Man Accused of Kidnapping, Robbery

Wagoner County Sheriff Deputies say they have arrested a man on complaints of kidnapping and robbery.

Deputies say Marvin Sanders, 29, was driving Drew Davis, 19, to Rocky Point in Wagoner County July 18 when Davis threatened to harm Sanders, making him stop the vehicle and assaulting him.

Davis then started driving to the Walmart in Wagoner, forcing Sanders to ride with him.

Deputies say Davis used Sanders' credit card, then headed to an ATM and used Sanders' debit card.

Davis eventually let Sanders go, but kept his wallet and credit cards with a plan to have Sanders give him more money, deputies said.

Davis then came to the Tulsa area and used Sanders' cards at several businesses, according to deputies.

Wagoner County deputies tracked down Davis and arrested him Wednesday.

He's scheduled to appear in court Thursday afternoon.

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