Wagoner Man Accused of Adding Cough Syrup to Drink, Touching Girl

Kenneth Petrick

A Wagoner County man is in jail this week on allegations that he laced soda with cough syrup and sexually abused an underage girl.

Wagoner County Deputies placed Kenneth Petrick under arrest back in March on a first degree rape complaint. This was after a 10-year-old girl informed her school faculty that he had molested her.

According to the affidavit, the girl told a social worker that on one night while her mother was gone Petrick gave her a drink "before bed that tasted strange."

When the girl was in her bed she noticed Petrick come into her room and touch her on various parts of her body under her clothing. She told officers that she rolled away from him and he got up and left the room.

It wasn't until April 1 after he had been issued a protective order against the girl that Petrick arrived at the Wagoner County Sheriffs Office and spoke to deputies. He told them that he guessed the girl had "made accusations that he had molested her."

Kenneth recounted the night in question and told officers that him and the girl didn't do much other than watch TV and then went to bed, according to court documents. He also told officers that he went to a store and bought some soda for the girl.

When officials interviewed the girl, she told them that she took one drink of the soda and it tasted "funny." She said that could smell what she believed to be liquor and grape cough syrup around the opening of the bottle.

She also told officers that she found Petrick on his phone watching porn. This was before she went to bed and he allegedly came into her room and touched her.

Petrick is now being held in the Wagoner County Jail.