Wagoner School Board Meets to Discuss Principal's Employment After Alleged Prank

Wagoner school officials voted Wednesday morning on whether to dismiss the high school principal for a senior prank that some parents have referred to as vandalism, as well as other concerns.

Board members at Wagoner Public Schools held the meeting Wednesday to discuss the employment of Wagoner High School Principal Larry Milligan. Some parents in the district have been calling for his resignation after the reported senior prank in April.

KTUL was present at the meeting when the members voted 3-2 on a decision to possibly send Milligan a written dismissal. It is unclear when the decision will be made or if/when the letter will delivered.

"We had no vandalism," Superintendent Monte Thompson previously stated in an article by the Wagoner Tribune. "We had a senior prank supervised by the high school principal (Larry Milligan). He was present when they did it, assisted them, but there was no vandalism."

The report described that students moved vehicles into the building, spray painted the lawn with profanities, set off stink bombs and made various other damage to the school property.

Thompson said that the administration works with the senior class each year on setting the parameters on what can be done on prank night.

Two years ago, Thompson himself sat in in the planning. Some students wanted to spray paint some areas at that time but were told that was beyond the limits. Most of the pranks items involved using a lot of balloons in the building.

Milligan and several of his supporters were present at Wednesday's meeting but did not comment.